Magazine Front Cover Analysis:


I will be using KERRANG! magazine as a starting point for my music magazine: Wonderful Disaster. I will use the same layout and stick to about three colours throughout my magazine so that it all links together.

Mast head:The mast head works really well because the cuts involved into the heading gives the magazine edge and attitude. Which is perfect as the target audience (teenagers) are usually seen like this. By placing the cover image in front of the mast head, it shows that the magazine is well known as it can still be reconised and is well known. It also proves that KERRANG! has a constant layout.

Cover Image:Similarly to KERRANG!s cover image, I will be using female models who will be wearing clothes (black, red and white) that link to the colour scheme of the whole magazine. The magazine cover image works well because it’s relevant, she’s a well known face in music and the position of the model is perfect. It also allows the text to flow around her easily. The main cover image is used to show the main story of the magazine and it will appeal to those who are Paramore fans.

The layout is constant and simple, it keeps the same colours throughout and the cover stories and any images involved are easily read without it looking too crowded.

Cover stories:
The cover stories are


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